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Want to prevent pain? It's all about the little things....

Would you agree with this statement?


I try and stress this to my clients when I'm coaching them. When we are working on habit change together, there's never any "magic bullet" or one earth-shattering change that will benefit them (unfortunately). I wish it was that easy!

Instead, we work on focusing on those little habits they've developed over time. I look at things like:

  • How often are they abducting their arm (classic chicken wing posture)?

  • How often and for how long are they twisting from the low back?

  • How tightly are they holding on to things like instruments, handpieces, or suction?

As you can see, these are all very minor habits that can really add up over time and contribute to pain, injury, or even disability.


This is similar to someone trying to lose weight. If they go work out for ONE day or watch their diet for ONE day, that's probably not going to yield results. Instead, they have to look at their daily habits (little things) and tweak their routine and over time, they will see lasting results.


It's the same with us. We need to constantly be monitoring our daily habits and postures so we can slowly start to develop healthier habits that will really save our bodies in the long run.

I wish there was a magic bullet I could share with you, or maybe this is the bullet: watch the little things.

If you have questions or are wanting to assess and change your daily habits in the op, please reach out by clicking here!


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