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This is the only body you've got!

Stephanie has been a clinical dental hygienist for 15 years, and currently practices in Denver, Colorado. She is passionate about her role in her patients’ health and well-being. 
Like many dental professionals, Stephanie has noticed increasing pain over the years due to the repetitive motions under a static position that the practice of dental hygiene requires. She began to ask herself, “What will my body feel like 10 years from now? Or 20? Will I be able to enjoy my retirement or will I be in chronic pain due to my career?”
These questions motivated her to learn about proper ergonomics and different equipment choices that can allow for pain free practice. 
Stephanie now helps others in her field with customized ergonomic assessments and coaching. She knows the realities of daily practice in a dental office, the unique challenges we face, and can help you not only improve the quality of your practice, but the quality of your life.

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