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Struggling with Patient Positioning?

Many of us struggle with this from time to time (or more often), and it can be challenging to say the least.

We have anxious patients, patients with medical issues, or other problems preventing them from wanting to lay back in the chair.


This is a problem.


Over time, the more and more we sacrifice our positioning, it becomes a habit, and that habit can cause significant damage to our musculoskeletal system over time.


What if we haven't gotten the necessary training in school to even know how to position our patients?

What if we've forgotten what we've learned in school and don't know if there's even a problem, let alone how to solve it?

I used to struggle with this very issue, and I have created a course that focuses on how to position your patient.

This course includes:

  • Proper patient positioning for upper and lower arches

  • Cushion use for positioning and patient comfort

  • Controlling the occlusal planes

  • Incorrect positioning

  • Overcoming challenges (when patients can't lean back)

And bonus content on:

  • Cleaning your operatory

  • Solo periodontal charting

  • The mirror slam

  • Best place for your instruments/supplies

  • Microbreak playlist (with a free downloadable cheat sheet for your operatory

This course is useful for dental hygienists, dentists, and dental assistants.


I will announce the course release first through my newsletter:

I will have an introductory special discount so be sure you're signed up for the newsletter and stay tuned!

I cannot wait to share it with you!


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