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Cushions and Positioning

If you're anything like me, you love a nice, supportive cushion. But did you know that using patient cushions while providing dental care will help your patient be more comfortable and cooperative while enhancing your ergonomics and posture??

When discussing ergonomic patient positioning, it's all about controlling the occlusal planes.

We want the occlusal plane to be AT LEAST 10-20° behind the vertical plane for the maxillary arch. This looks like the patients chin tipped wayyyyyy up.

For the lower arch, we want the maxillary occlusal plane IN FRONT of the vertical plane. This looks like having the patient nod their chin towards their chest.


Using cushions, like those by Mediposture, can help you achieve both!

I want to share a personal belief of mine... when we have patients who "can't lean back," there are some that absolutely CAN'T! But most CAN; they just don't WANNA.

For those who just don't WANNA, I believe this is fear-based. Not having their cervical spine supported while tipping back in the chair feels unsafe to the patient. However, if we slide a cushion behind their neck, it's almost like magic! They will lean back way further than you think.

In addition, when we start offering cushions to our patients, they feel pampered and taken care of. This leads them to be more cooperative when you need to lay them all the way back.

To learn how I use cushions to orient the occlusal planes and properly position my patients, check out my BRAND NEW video course on patient positioning.

Taking care of ourselves is paramount when practicing dentistry, and using these cushions can help both you AND your patient feel better!


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