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Listed are products I personally use and love for their ergonomic value. I only post quality products that I have tried and found them to help me practice more ergonomically.

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BQE Stools & Chairs

Back quality ergonomics. Use this referral code SBCO10 to save 10%!

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Lift For Longevity

Conquer pain, embrace strength, and build a resilient body. Use code LONGEVITY for 20% off!

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Overjet makes it easier to detect decay, bone loss, and more areas of concern. Use code WORKSMART for 20% off!


Aerosol Assist

Hands-free autoclavable aerosol suppression system. Use this referral code 2cd1e to save $30!


The Loupe Shield

Use code POLISHEDPOSTURE for 10% off your order!


Denti AI

Touch-free perio charting with improved time efficiency, ergonomics and infection control. Use code SBOTTS for your first 30 days free, first 3 months 20% off, and no obligation!

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