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Change your Mind...Change your Body

The older I get (okay, I have a birthday coming up), the more I realize mindset is really the key to everything. How we think shapes our beliefs, which dictates our behavior, ultimately forming who we are as people. This can be a daunting realization. Or it can be an empowering one.


We literally can decide to be whomever we wish. We can create the life we want. We can control what happens and what doesn't happen. What is more empowering than that?? With this in mind, we can choose how to care for or not care for our bodies while practicing dentistry.


We have chosen a very physically demanding profession that carries a high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. Even so, we don't have to commit to a life of pain and limited function. Instead, we can choose to take those extra few seconds to position our patients appropriately to support us in a healthy, neutral posture. We can choose to care for ourselves by incorporating chairside stretching, deep breathing, and mindfulness. We can put the importance of our bodies before the comfort of the patient. We can choose to be okay with the temporary discomfort our patients may experience so that we can care for our bodies and ensure a long and happy career.


We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our patients. So let's shift the focus and offer the same care to our own bodies. It only takes a shift in mindset and a few small corrections while practicing. I promise you, taking care of yourself feels even better than taking care of your patients.


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