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Erica, Front Desk

Stephanie was a joy to work with! Through her recommendations, I will be able to maintain longevity in my professional career. She gave detailed reports with pictures and explanations that helped this visual learner understand how bad my technique was on my body. 

Diana, General Dentist

Stephanie is an amazing asset to the dental community! She was very thorough and had so many helpful tricks to make me more comfortable while working. So grateful for her help.

Alyssa, Dental Hygienist

Get yourself an ergonomics coach like Stephanie Botts! She did a full ergonomics assessment, provided a detailed report with suggestions and resources, and gave personalized patient care coaching sessions! My health is important and so is yours!

"I absolutely loved my experience with PosturePros! Stephanie was so kind, and gave me a several page DETAILED document on how I could better my stance/posture while working, and also included pictures of my current posture. HIGHLY recommend PosturePros." Sydney, Dental Assistant 

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