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Got issues? Change your Environment!

We've all been there... we start having various issues in certain areas of life and can feel stuck right? Maybe it's challenges at home, school, or work and we know something needs to change but what? And how?

Over the years I've learned that when I'm having issues, I need to address my environment (who I'm choosing to spend time with, what I listen to, how I'm spending my time, etc.)

This applies to our dental operatory life as well!


Practicing dentistry, no matter what role you have, is H-A-R-D. It's hard mentally, emotionally, and physically. Let's focus on the physical for now.

If you are having pain or are uncomfortable when practicing, maybe take a look at your environment. Does your equipment support you? Is it organized in a way that promotes healthy ergonomics? Are you using appropriate equipment to support YOU as an individual?


We need to start with ourselves first and then adjust everything in our environment to support us. This could look like using the correct stool for your body type, laying out your equipment and

supplies to minimize excessive reaching, twisting, and bending, and being very intentional with how we position our patients.

All of these elements can be overwhelming at times and I am here to help! When I work with clients, I'm looking at not only the clinician, but their environment to see if we can make it more functional and healthy for them.

All of the little things matter! And it's those little things that eventually add up and either make or break us.

So maybe when you go back to work next week, take a look at your environment with an "ergonomic eye" and see if you can adjust it to better support you.

And reach out for help if and when you need it!


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