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"An Ounce of Prevention..."

For those of us in dentistry, we understand the value of prevention. We get it. Being proactive NOW will prevent consequences LATER. What do we tell our patients all day??

"Floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities."

"Come in for your regular recare appointments."

"Do a fluoride treatment."

"Wear your nightguard."


We know from our education and experience that taking these small actions now will prevent catastrophic consequences later on and keep our patients healthy.

But what about us? Are we being proactive and preventive when it comes to our own health and our own bodies?


We all know that practicing dentistry is a high-risk profession for developing musculoskeletal injuries, surgery, and disability. But what are we DOING about it?

Research shows that practicing ergonomically will reduce these risks and improve our quality of work and life.

Do you practice ergonomically?


Ergonomics is more than buying equipment... it's about being aware of healthy and unhealthy body movements and being very intentional with what we do when working on patients.

Ergonomic coaching, especially when paired with photography and video, has been shown to change the way practitioners practice.

We can't change or learn without knowing and seeing what we are already doing on a daily basis (this is the value of an ergonomic coach).

I can help you see what you are doing now (without judgment!) and help you to adopt new, healthier habits to reduce your pain and risk of injury while improving your work and life satisfaction.

Maybe it's time to practice what we preach and turn that preventive mindset towards ourselves.

What are you waiting for?? You're worth it!


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